We strive towards a dream where Africa’s development cannot be discussed and planned for without paying attention to building active institutional foundations.

research and project areas

Food Systems

Our research projects on food systems look at the actors, processes, and policies impacting inputs needed and outputs generated from the farm to the waste site.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Our research projects on technology and innovation focus on the practical and responsible use of technology and innovation to Africa’s sustainable and democratic development.

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Circular Economy, Value Chains, and Societal Transitions

Research projects engaged in by GCSGI affiliates employ innovative and conceptually-driven quantitative methods, including input-output and life cycle assessment tools, to estimate embodied environmental, economic, and social impacts of agricultural value and
supply chains.

Circular Economy, Value Chains, and Societal Transitions

Youth, Migration and Sustainable livelihoods

GCSGI affiliates are involved in cutting-edge research focusing on migration and development in Africa, especially issues around youth labor and gender inequities within the labor market.

Institutions, Land Management, Informality, and Urban Development

Strong institutions are central to Africa’s development. Research projects engaged in by GCSGI affiliates examine colonial-inherited challenges to existing institutions (e.g., land tenure and urban/rural planning laws) and ways to strengthen these institutions

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