Key areas of goldcoast sustainability focus

  1. Innovation Adoption
  2. Technology and knowledge creation
  3. User driven Innovation
  4. Technology policy integration


Decentralization and Public Policy

Read our partners’ publications and projects on rural environment livelihood here:

Nyamekye, A., Dewulf, ARPJ, Van Slobbe, E., & Termeer, CJAM (2018). Towards creating actionable knowledge in rice farming systems in Northern Ghana: the role of information systems. In 5th INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION CONFERENCE CAPE 

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Urbanization, informality, & institutions

Read our partners’ publications and projects on urban environment livelihood here:

Nyadzi, E., Nyamekye, A. B., Werners, S. E., Biesbroek, R. G., Dewulf, A., Van Slobbe, E., … & Ludwig, F. (2018). Diagnosing the potential of hydro-climatic information services to support rice farming in northern Ghana. NJAS-Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences86, 51-63.

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