Smallholder African Farmers, Covid-19, and Digital Agripreneurship.

The COVID-19 pandemic is more than an issue of public health. It is now abundantly clear the pandemic is affecting African societies and economies at all scales. For instance, it has been estimated that the pandemic will further push 140 million people across the globe into extreme poverty, 80 million of which will be Africans […]

Drops in the city: the puzzle of water privatization and consumption deficiencies in urban Ghana

Kwaku Owusu Twuma,b,* and Mohammed Abubakaria aHuts and Cities Ltd, Accra, Ghana bGold Coast Sustainability and Governance Institute, Accra, Ghana *Corresponding author. E-mail: Though it is essential to life, water continues to be a ‘luxurious need’ to the urban poor of Africa. Water management challenges here stem in part from a multi-dimensional lack of […]

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