UKRI Agrifood Africa Innovation Grant

The research project will explore Triple bottom line sustainability of circular economy in Ghana’s Agrifood value chain. The fundamental principle of Circular Economy (CE) is to ensure that the value chains of production systems are self-sustaining and support the reuse of resources to ……..

UKRI Agrifood Africa Innovation Grant.

The research project will explore Triple bottom line sustainability of circular economy in Ghana’s Agrifood value chain………..

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The Gold Coast Sustainability and Governance Institute (GCSGI), or Gold Coast for short, is both an idea and a dream. Gold Coast draws from the past to inform and build a more sustainable and democratic Africa. We believe that sustainable development and democratic governance are not mutually exclusive. We strive towards a dream where Africa’s development cannot be discussed and planned for without paying attention to building active legal and institutional foundations. Inspired by Dr. Nkrumah’s “self-government now,” we believe that a sustainable and democratic Africa should be the agenda now

Pursuing this agenda requires building a coalition of thoughtful, energetic, and vision-driven scholars and practitioners to engage in critical and transformative research, community engagement, and policy advocacy. Gold Coast is emblematic of this coalition for a sustainable and democratic Africa now.

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